Architects & Engineers

Roof Consultants for Architects & Engineers

Architects and Engineers can often benefit from unbiased, expert consultants with extensive commercial roofing experience. Our roofing and building envelope consulting services are a perfect complement to architectural and engineering services. Best Roof Consulting can provide architects and engineers with expert recommendations on commercial roofing and building envelope systems including design suggestions, life cycle cost analysis, manufacturer recommendations, preparing specifications and bid documents, troubleshooting and related matters.

Leading reasons for hiring a roofing and building envelope consultant include increasing the quality of project design, providing on-site inspection and project management, minimizing liability arising from design flaws, and assisting in bringing new clients into your firm.

Consulting for architects & designers

All too often, architects have to rely on data provided by manufacturers, and have limited time or ability to verify information, obtain information on alternate systems, and get objective answers to important questions. The ability to obtain unbiased recommendations from a knowledgeable source will make the design process easier, shorten the learning curve, and provide absolute confidence in the final product design.

Consulting for engineers & spec writers

Engineers face a number of challenges, and assume financial and professional risks, when working on any roofing and building envelope assignment. In a discipline where accuracy in every step is mandatory, it can be somewhat unsettling to make decisions when using subjective information, loosely documented performance specifications, and theoretical application information provided by manufacturers,
sales reps, and contractors.

Post-bid and pre-construction services

Best Roof Consulting offers important post-bid services including bid documents review and project management services. We can make sure everything is in order, and better assure a totally satisfied client.