Roof System Consulting Services

We will be your advocate in every service that we provide. Commercial and industrial roofing systems are expensive. Any type of failure by the roof system, roof contractor or materials manufacturer can cause major problems. We provide a wide range of roof consulting services, and have the capability to help our clients with any size project, or types of roof systems.

Why Hire A Roofing Consultant?

A third party roofing consultant brings knowledge to your project, and unbiased recommendations because their is no inherent loyalty to any type of roof, brand of roofing materials, or roofing contractor. Considering the complexity and importance of commercial and industrial roof design, material selections and vendor qualification it is in your best interest to make the modest investment required to get professional assistance.

What Can We Do For You?

Roof Design Consulting

Our roof design consulting services cover every aspect of designing a commercial roof or industrial roof system. From structural support, underlayment, installation, and slope requirements to choosing the roof type, designing flashing, methods of attachment, insulation and installation, we have the expert knowledge to make your job a success.

Roof Project Pre-bid Services

Our pre-bid consulting services cover critical areas such as the development of specifications, bid documents, supplier and contractor qualification, and bid process creation. We view this as a critical stage of a roofing project because it defines the expectations, confirms the requirements, and ultimately protects the integrity of the work to be performed.

Project Post-Bid Services

Our post-bid consulting services are the safeguard before you commit to hiring the roofing contractor. Our roof consultants can carefully review each proposal for accuracy, and stated willingness to be in full compliance with the bid documents. Additionally we can interview the prospective contractor and discuss the work to be performed, project scheduling, and other concerns such as payments, insurance requirements, retainage and related issues.

Roof Project Management

Our project management services are extremely valuable – especially on large roofing projects. It is impossible for an architect to have a sustained presence on a job site and oversee every part of the construction process. Even the general contractor is too busy to watch all of the work being completed. While hiring a reputable contractor and buying quality materials are great assurances that your roofing project will be successful, it all comes down to the work down by the field labor. Under our watchful eye we confirm that you are getting the specified roofing materials, monitor for proper installation techniques, and inspect every bit of work completed. We carefully inspect the finished product against the design drawings and specifications to make certain that the job has been completed as specified and ordered.

Roof Inspections and Troubleshooting

Every roof system needs periodic inspections, and almost all will have some type of problems before they are replaced. Our roof inspections can identify potential problems, provide suggested corrective action, and progress into managing resolution of any issues. Our troubleshooting skills are the perfect remedy for finding the root cause of condensation problems, roof leaks, and other common roofing system problems.

Roof Maintenance Programs

Successful property owners and property managers understand the importance of having an active and ongoing roof maintenance program. As experienced roofing professionals we can create a customized plan that is appropriate for your situation, and that considers variables such as the type of roof system, the age of the roof, effects of weather, and your maintenance budget. In providing roof maintenance programs, our goal is to prevent problems from occurring, and to stop any existing problem from becoming a larger problem.

Roof Warranty Claims Service

Our familiarity with roof warranties, manufacturer claims processing and how to file a roof warranty claim can make a difficult, and often challenging, process go much smoother. We know how to investigate roof problems, determine the cause of the problem, and convey our assessment to the vendor as a roofing expert. We can also be an expert witness for any lawsuits that may arise from fighting a roof warranty claim.

What Do Our Services Cost?

Every situation is different. Fortunately for our clients, our services are available on an as-needed basis or as an ongoing service contract. This allows us to provide a customized program for every client, and provides maximum cost control for our clients. In almost every instance, hiring a roofing consultant is a wise and prudent investment towards preventing small and large problems, reducing the risk of both financial burdens and catastrophic failures. To learn more about our roof consulting services, pricing or our company, we encourage you to request a quote, or call our business office at 886-807-9284.