Contractors & Developers

Roof Consultants for Contractors & Developers

Contractors and developers can assure their clients of optimal results with our roof consulting services. With over 30 years of experience in commercial roofing, specifically flat roof designs, we can offer expert advice. Our roofing and building envelope consulting services can mitigate liability risks and increase client satisfaction.

Our consultants can provide inspections and documentation to address workmanship complaint issues, serve as an expert witness, and provide other services related to design, construction, and vendor matters. We are valuable in educating contractors and developers on all aspects of commercial roof warranties. We are especially helpful in teaching builders how to handle installation and repair work that does not void the warranty.

We can provide is mediation services between contractors & developers, and the property owners & managers. Roof issues can be used as grounds to hold payments, become a cause for litigation and cause other unnecessary problems. As an unbiased third party we can often guide both parties to a mutually agreeable solution to roof issues.

Consulting for contractors

When faced with a design-build opportunity, or even a challenging project requiring new products or innovative ideas, you can benefit from having access to a knowledgeable commercial roofing and building envelope.

On design-build projects our expertise can give you a competitive edge in offering your client cost control and optimally performing products. On new products and innovative situations we can consult on proper installation techniques, warranty matters, and related information you need to provide the best possible service.

Consulting for developers

As a developer you need to strike a balance between project cost control, and protecting your professional reputation by providing excellent property development services. The continued improvements in roofing and building envelope materials and construction processes move too fast for most contractors, architects and engineers to remain current on the best options.

Because commercial roofing and building envelope technologies are our specialization we can provide the answers and recommendations that you need in order to make better decisions.