Property Managers & Owners

Roof Consultants for Property Managers and Owners

Infrared leak detection equipmentProperty managers and owners can benefit from unbiased, expert roof consulting services. Our commercial roofing and building envelope consulting services provide the objective, professional expertise that protect the interests of the property owner.

Our services can enhance the ability of a property management company to deliver ideal solutions to their clients. Whether it is confirming the accuracy of information provided by contractors and tenants, or addressing warranty or workmanship issues, our consulting services protect the interests of the property owner.

Consulting for property managers

A property management company is expected to be an expert in managing every aspect of a property, and in solving problems. Additionally a property owner expects a fast response to any service request. We are your source for finding solutions to commercial roofing or building envelope problems.

We are available for single issue consulting, or for hire on a retainer fee basis, to provide any services quickly and efficiently. From teleconferences or office visits to field inspections, our team of experts can provide the services that your company needs.

Consulting for property owners

A property owner is sometimes faced with construction or property management issues that are complex and confusing. Some of these issues may require urgent assessment and action, and some may even grow into legal matters.

No matter what you are facing, Best Roof Consulting has the skill, experience and resources to get control of your situation.

From design consulting and contractor qualification, to on-site inspections and project management services we are here to serve as your advocate and protect your interests. We invite you to contact us to learn about our services.