Roof Contractor Evaluations

Roof Contractor Evaluations

Our commercial roof consulting services include helping clients to evaluate and pre-qualify commercial roofing companies for any size or type of project. A commercial roof system is expensive, and it is imperative to know for certain that your business is taking bids from only qualified commercial roofing companies. From financial stability and performance history, to certifications and training, we will thoroughly qualify your roofing candidates to assure that you get a good price and professional workmanship.

What Are Important Considerations?

In reality, each situation will require a different set of standards for a thorough roofing company evaluation. Something as basic as judging financial strength of the prospective contractor is relative to the size of the project. While our roofing contractor evaluation and qualification process can be very involved, below are some of the common, yet critical, areas we take into consideration when evaluating a roofing contractor.

Know Your Contractor

Contractor stability and reputation are among the first criteria that we check. This includes basic items such as:

  • Years in business
  • Licenses and certifications
  • Financial strength
  • Project references
  • General capabilities
  • Equipment and personnel
  • Lawsuit free history

Other Evaluation Considerations

Trade Group Membership: These groups provide appropriate certification that shows training and knowledge of current standards and requirements. Membership in professional organizations, or product manufacturer endorsements, are good indications that the roofing company values their reputation and works hard to hold credentials that reflect their commitment to quality services.

Roof System Installation Training: Any roofing company can purchase any type of roofing materials and show up on a job site. It is extremely important to know that the selected roofing contractor has had supplier training in the proper installation methods and procedures for the specified type of commercial roofing system. Not only will an improper roof installation cause numerous
and premature failures, but is will almost certainly void any warranty. We make it a top priority to determine that any contractor bidding on your work has been qualified and/or certified by the roofing material manufacturer, and has sufficient experience in installing the particular type of roof system to be used on your project.

Insurance and Safety Requirements: Risk reduction, liability concerns and job site safety are important considerations that should be applied to any potential roof company. A truly qualified roofing contractor will have adequate types of insurance (and appropriate levels of coverage) for your project, have a demonstrated record of job site safety that includes no OSHA violations, no workplace injuries due to negligence, and a commitment to using appropriate personal protection equipment. Contractors
who disregard insurance coverage and safety procedures can have lower bids, however any problems can quickly become very costly burdens on you. We will complete due diligence on potential roofing companies on items that mitigate financial risks to your business.

Be Proactive and Rest Assured

Rather than make the extreme, and perhaps costly, mistake of taking bids from every roofing company, we recommend calling us to discuss the advantages to having our professional roofing consultants pre-qualify roofing companies to develop a short list of qualified companies.
Hiring us up front, is extremely inexpensive when compared to potential litigation and project completion delays due to non-performance.
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evaluation services.