Roof Inspections

Commercial Roof Inspections

The Building Envelope Selection Technology (BEST) consulting team is comprised of seasoned commercial roofing professionals who are trained in all aspects of commercial roof design, installation methods, leak detection and troubleshooting. Our clients appreciate having a knowledgeable professional that can thoroughly inspect their commercial roof systems, prepare detailed reports that identify existing or potential problems, and manage the resolution of any commercial roofing problems.

From inspecting the installation of a new commercial roof system or performing routine roof maintenance inspections to leak detection inspections or warranty claim inspections, you can rely on BEST consulting for on-time, professional services. We also offer project management services to make certain that your new commercial roof system is properly installed.

Commercial Roofing Warranties

Most commercial roofing system warranties require the owner to perform regular inspections and maintenance. Roofing manufacturers understand that regular inspections are a critical step in keeping a roof problem free, thus reducing liability. A regular program of commercial roof inspections can identify potential problems before they turn into disasters. Failing to complete regular roof inspections can create a situation where water damage can become extensive, possibly causing roof collapse, and probably causing disruptions to the business covered by the faulty roof.

The cost of commercial roof inspections is minimal when compared to the costs to repair a leak that has been unattended and allowed to cause major damage. Additionally the cost for damage to property, personal injury or death from a collapsed roof can be enormous.

What Should You Do?

At least twice a year, a person who understands the design and basic components of the particular type of commercial roofing system on your building(s) should inspect the roof. An early spring roof inspection can uncover winter related roof damage, and allow for proper repairs prior to rainy spring weather. A fall inspection ensures that the roof is ready for the pending winter weather stress. Inspections are always a good idea after a severe weather situation such as hail, and immediately after a new roof is installed.

What Should Be Inspected?

  • Interior roof deck and walls
  • Exterior walls and parapets
  • General roof conditions
  • All Flashing and counter flashing
  • Expansion joints, seams and patched areas
  • Any roof penetration
  • Drains, gutters and downspouts

What About The Inspection Results?

With BEST Consulting, you will receive a detailed report on the condition of your roofing system. Our initial roof inspection findings are combined with detailed drawings and photographic records of the commercial roof system. The output is a comprehensive report of your roof’s current condition with recommended actions to address any repair or preventative maintenance needs. Your BEST Consulting roof inspector is always available to discuss any item in the final report, and address any questions that you may have about your roof.