Roof Specifications Writing

Pre-Bid Consulting Services

Our pre-bid consulting services lay the ground work for a successful project. Our team can provide a comprehensive set of services
to plan, define and schedule every facet of your commercial roofing or building envelope system. From expert recommendations on design, materials
and suppliers to bid document creation, BEST Consulting will be the perfect addition to your project team.

Bid Documents Creation

With the design in place, and a short list of qualified suppliers and contractors, we can help you to create customized bid documents
that address every facet of the project. Rather than rely on proprietary specifications written by a material supplier, or using loose
performance specifications, we can develop a tight set of specifications, installation requirements, performance expectations and project
schedules. Our experts know how to close loopholes, increase contractor responsibility and accountability, and drive proper workmanship.

Bid Documents We Create

  • Total RFQ or RFP packages
  • General solicitation letters
  • Transmittal, submittal and request forms
  • Proprietary or Performance specifications
  • Design-build requirements
  • General bid formats and cost breakdowns
  • Vendor qualification forms
  • Financial, loan, draw or bond forms
  • Construction contracts and agreements
  • Government compliance and regulatory statements
  • Bid analysis matrices or summaries
  • *Other documents as requested

Related Pre-Bid Services

Design Consulting

The many available types of commercial roofing systems, including differences in quality among suppliers, can make for a daunting design process. Further, each type of roof system has unique requirements for selecting fasteners and adhesives, sealing seams and penetrations, how to handle materials, and sub-roof construction. Rather than lose valuable time, and risk design errors, you can call BEST Consulting and get the answers that you need, in a timely manner, and move your project forward. Learn more about our design consulting.

Vendor and Contractor Evaluations

Evaluating material suppliers, contractors and vendors can be just as complex as working through the design process. Just as we have the expertise to guide you through the design process, we can determine the best vendors and contractors to consider for your project. We know the questions to ask, the areas for scrutinize, and how to compare vendors and contractors. We can identify the optimal material supplier, develop a shortlist of qualified contractors, and set the stage for a great construction process. Learn more about our contractor and supplier evaluation services.