Roofing Project Management

Roofing Project Management

We offer comprehensive project management and contract administration services for any size or type of commercial or industrial roofing project. Our roofing project management and contract administration services are a natural extension of our pre-bid roof consulting services and post-bid roof consulting services.

Project Management Services

Hiring a roofing specialist for project management is your best assurance that the finished project will be in complete compliance with building codes, design specifications, and completed according to the roofing material manufacturer’s requirements. As your project manager we will oversee every step of the roof system construction and installation to protect the integrity of the finished roof, and assure that there are no problems that might compromise your roof’s performance, or roof warranty. To know for certain that your roof system has been properly furnished and installed, you need a project manager that can quickly identify item ranging from fastener types and roof membranes, to being able to visually verify the correct installation of items ranging from fasteners and flashing, to sealing seams and roof penetrations.

Contract Administration Services

Hiring a roofing specialist for contract administration will remove a worrisome burden from your shoulders, and provide you with confidence that you will maintain control of your project from start to finish. Our contract administration professionals will review every part of contract terms, conditions, and requirements in order to effectively manage your roof project. We will keep you informed on work progress, notable situations, and other relevant details of the project. As your representative we can review and handle submittals, draw requests, change orders, and as-built documentation.

Our project management and contract administration services protect your interests, assure that you receive the project for which you paid, and provide you with complete documentation and records that you may need for maintenance programs or filing a roof warranty claim. We can work independently, or as a support team for an architect, engineer, developer, contractor, property manager or property owner.

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